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 I started Triple C Luxury to make luxury more accessible to my small town, and the surrounding communities. As I noticed an increase in replicas in my area I realized people didn't know they could get the real thing for around the same price, but at a quality that will last 5x longer than the fakes.

 I took it upon myself to create a business sourcing vintage, pre-loved, and even new pieces for clients. I offer pieces on my site as well as personal shopping to find the treasure you are after! Over the past five years I have formed many relationships with Sales Associates across the country, and the world. This helps me source hard to find items! Whether they are still in stores or Rare Vintage!



Michaela Thompson

Michaela, a twenty something inspired by both Blair Waldorf, and Carrie Bradshaw as many before her began to source and curate a designer bag collection on a college student budget. 

Over years of combining modern pieces, with pre-loved and vintage, she realized she had a passion for finding hidden gems and giving them a new life.

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